Marking a significant development in the plumbing and heating industry, the Benchmark Commissioning and Warranty Validation Service Record is being digitised with the introduction of two new apps: one for heating engineers and one for homeowners.

The apps are designed to:


  • Digitise the Benchmark checklist and remove unnecessary paperwork
  • Provide access to vital servicing and maintenance history
  • Strengthen relationships between homeowners and engineers
  • Generate trust and highlight the importance of regular servicing
  • Showcase great installations
  • Provide a record of the heating appliance’s history


A separate app will also be available to homeowners so that they can also have access to information about their heating system, which will function as a kind of ‘boiler passport’ to enable consumers to have the full installation and service history on their heating system.

You will be able to download the app soon. Make sure you’re following our Facebook and Twitter pages for more updates!

A new website is currently under development and will be completed early 2021.

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