About Benchmark

Do I Need Benchmark?

The engineer is legally required to complete a commissioning checklist as a means of complying with the appropriate Building Regulations (England and Wales).

Code of Practice

Installers are required to carry out installation, commissioning, and servicing work in accordance with the Benchmark commissioning checklist for warranty purposes.

The product should be serviced regularly to optimise its safety, efficiency, and performance. The service engineer should complete the relevant Service Record on the Benchmark Checklist after each service.

Engineers should:

• Be competent and qualified to undertake the work required.

• Install, commission, service, and use products in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions provided.

• Ensure that where there is responsibility for design work, the installation is correctly sized and fit for purpose.

• Meet the requirements of the appropriate Building Regulations. Where this involves notifiable work be a member of a Competent Persons Scheme or confirm that the customer has notified Local Authority Building Control (LABC), prior to work commencing.

• Complete all relevant sections of the Benchmark Checklist/Service Record when carrying out commissioning or servicing of a product or system. • Ensure that the product or system is left in a safe condition and, whenever possible, in good working order.

• Highlight to the customer any remedial or improvement work identified during the course of commissioning or servicing work.

• Refer to the manufacturer’s helpline where assistance is needed.

• Report product faults and concerns to the manufacturer in a timely manner.