About Benchmark

What is Benchmark?

Benchmark places responsibilities on both manufacturers and heating engineers. The purpose is to ensure that customers are provided with the correct domestic heating and hot water product(s) for their needs; that the product(s) is installed, commissioned and serviced in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions by competent persons in a way that they will be safe, perform with optimum efficiency, and meet the requirements of the appropriate Building Regulations.

The heating engineer should fully complete the Benchmark Checklist upon installation. At present, it can be found on the inside back pages of the installation instructions supplied with the product, via the Benchmark App or online platform. Homeowners should sign it to say that they have received a full and clear explanation of its operation.  The engineer is required to complete a commissioning checklist as a means of complying with the appropriate Building Regulations (England and Wales).

All installations must be notified to Local Area Building Control either directly or through a Competent Persons Scheme. A Building Regulations Compliance Certificate will then be issued to the homeowner.     

The product should be serviced regularly to optimise its safety, efficiency, and performance.  The engineer should complete the relevant Service Record on the Benchmark Checklist, within the app or online platform after each service.

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Benchmark Online is an app based and online version of the Benchmark checklist for heating appliance installations. Digital Benchmark enables completion of the appliance commissioning checklist via the app, manufactutrer loyalty platform or online, as well as providing quick access to the installation, servicing, and commissioning data for the appliance.

Benchmark Online is designed to allow heating engineers to make their mark on every installation, and to raise standards across the industry. A homeowner version of the app is available to help build greater transparency between heating engineers and homeowners.

Each app will act as information portals detailing appliance installation and servicing history for the operational lifetime of the heating system. The installer app and online platform will make it easier for heating engineers to register appliances and access key information about the heating system’s history before commencing work, while the householder app will make sure regular service intervals are planned. This will ensure appliances remain within warranty and that heating systems are performing at their most efficient levels.